This contains the assignments of Batch-12 and ISB-1 regarding developing curriculum module on KMU-LMS

Course image DR nadia "Clinical research for postgraduate trainees"
MHPE Assignments Fall 2022 (B-12 & ISB-1)
Clinical research for postgraduate trainees:

The research module is an innovative theme developed by Dr. Nadia Munir Assistant Professor Ayub medical college Abbottabad this research module serves the students with outcome care and empathy. This module is placed for 15 days during MCPS and FCPS training. In this present era of research, this module helps students to learn about the basics of research and make students able to think critically about the different phenomenon of life. With the help of this module, students will be more efficient while solving new clinical scenarios. The document presented here includes the topic, learning objectives, placement of the topic on different days their hour distribution as well as assessment methods of the topic. The first part shows the general learning outcomes while the second part described detailed learning objectives and a table of specifications.


Course image Zahid Azeem "Clinical ethics"
MHPE Assignments Fall 2022 (B-12 & ISB-1)

Clinical ethics is a field of medical ethics that deals with ethical issues and dilemmas that arise in clinical practice. These issues can involve patients, families, healthcare providers, and the broader community. The introduction of clinical ethics into medical practice involves incorporating ethical considerations into the care of patients, as well as the education of healthcare professionals.

By incorporating ethical principles and frameworks into clinical decision-making, healthcare professionals can promote the best possible outcomes for their patients and prevent or resolve ethical conflicts that may arise.

Course image Asma Rafique "Giving and receiving effective feedback"
MHPE Assignments Fall 2022 (B-12 & ISB-1)

This e-course is designed to provide students with information and skills to give and receive effective feedback.

Effective feedback is one of the keystones for professional and personal development. Inappropriate or no feedback can result in miscommunication, and inefficient progress and performance. Effective feedback can not only improve personal and professional development but also improves relationship in any surrounding and hence improve outcomes for everyone.

Course image Aisha Altaf " Literature search skills for postgraduates"
MHPE Assignments Fall 2022 (B-12 & ISB-1)

Literature search skills are essential for postgraduates as they are required to conduct research in their respective fields. This module (Literature search skills for postgraduates) would provide the learner with the foundations of literature search and will help them equip with the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct comprehensive and ethical literature searches and effectively utilize research literature to advance their research endeavors.