Basic step by step guide for students enrolled in MPhil  and PhD at IBMS.

Updated documents and templates for the process

Course image Using MS Word for academic writing-Advanced
Student Guide for MPhil and PhD

The Moodle can be treated as a self-teach course in which case you should go through each topic in order and if you feel the need for help use the contact email address given.

The Moodle topics are designed to be fairly self contained so that if you only want to learn about that topic, simply do that and ignore the rest.  You can always come back to the Moodle again later if you want to learn more.

While generally useful to anyone looking to improve their word-processing skills it is designed to be specifically useful to students doing some form of short dissertation as part of their studies.

Course image Using MS Word for academic writing-Basic
Student Guide for MPhil and PhD

In the present day and age we have to be computer literate to keep up with the growing trends. In this regard this is a very basic introduction to using Word for academic writing in 9 steps.