Communications skills and medical writing

Communications skills and medical writing

Writing effectively for a variety of audiences is a required skill for professional master’s students, both inside the classroom and in the workplace. 

This course introduces writing and communication strategies and skills for all MPhil students.

1. Students will learn professional communication and academic writing practices

2. It will enable them to respond to a variety of workplace scenarios as well as influence and inspire others through effective written communication strategies.  

3.Through frequent writing assignments, hands-on exercises during class sessions, and a final analysis paper, students will learn how to write concise prose; summarize and evaluate documents and scenarios effectively

4. Develop technical skills in writing clear instructions

5. Write persuasive proposals


Applied Biostatistics
Najma Baseeromer malik

Applied Biostatistics

Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to:

  1. Describe the different study designs
  2. Describe different sampling techniques
  3. Calculate sample size for their research proposals
  4. Use hypothesis testing using various statistical tests.
  5. Able to use appropriate statistical tests/methods for data analysis
  6. Perform data entry in Excel and SPSS
  7. Use SPSS for data analysis